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Sponsor a Butterfly

The Annual Summer Butterfly Program provides six weeks of training for underprivileged girls ages 8yrs-15yrs of age.  The girls are taught computer coding, stock, crypt and global currency trading, vision and financial planning, as well as social skills to prepare them to be socially responsible for their community and to develop them into self-sufficient young ladies.  


To teach the girls and their parent(s) family and social responsibility, SOW along with our sponsor Guste Homes a low-income development community, provides the parents and opportunity to share in a vision board casting with their daughters.  The Vision Board event teaches both child and parent(s) teamwork and the needed skills to learn how to encourage each other to push forward in reaching their dreams and aspirations.

The program cost only $1,250.00 per girl.  

SBO Training

The SBO Training Grant educates and provide underprivileged women and men with the necessary steps to becoming financially independent.  SBO classes are offered once a quarter, preparing welfare recipients and/or those individuals released from prison a second chance to learning the necessary skills to discover their  talents and gifts, which are converted into skills that provide opportunity for job readiness or self-employment.  


The program allows for vision casting and provides the necessary equipment, legal registration and small business start-up tools, which aids in financial independence from welfare to homeownership and entrepreneurship. 

It is proven that communities that offer a skills educational empowerment center provides opportunity for self-sufficiency,  reducing crime and poverty.  


Become a sponsor today and help us change our nation one community at a time.

The class allows for 20 students per quarter at a cost of $1500.00 per student.

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For more information on sponsors and partners contact us at 800 705 6840

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