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empowerment center is coming soon

The Empowerment Center (TEC) is coming soon.  We need your help!

The Empowerment Center

Who We Are

TEC (The Empowerment Center) is a program offered by Sisters of Wealth, Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit organization.


TEC's purpose is to educate underdeveloped communities to become well rounded responsible citizens by providing education in:

  1. personal and social responsibility

  2. financial literacy in

    • credit,

    • budgeting,

    • stock/global currency trading and,

    • legacy estate planning

  3. job readiness

    • skill discovery

    • preparation & readiness


The objective of TEC is to offer services, resources and tools to create a turn-key community from government reliance to self-sufficiency.

3 days a week TEC will provide personal development classes in finance, entrepreneurship and social responsibility using biblical principles.

Projected Schedule

* Weekly bible study

* Trading Training

* Personal Financial Development

* Small Business Development

3 Days A Week

A Community Development Center

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