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Yulonda T. Griffin, PhD is formerly known as Dr. G., The Money Coach.    She is currently an instructor at Delgado Community College located in New Orleans, Louisiana pursuing her career in education.  She desires to create a six-figure income as an online instructor.


 Dr. G. is also the CEO of LIV Consultants, LLC a financial company committed to helping individuals and small business owners grow and protect their money.  She has 30 years of business experience and encompasses the designations of Certified Business, Finance and Credit Coach.


Dr. G. believes in real estate as an investor and holds several rental properties.  Her motto "choose wisely", recommending real estate investors make wise choices by choosing their specific niche in the housing market such as land lording versus flipping properties.


 Dr. G. holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services with a specialization in Management of Nonprofit Agencies from Capella University.  In addition, she has an MBA in Business with a specialization in Global Management.  Dr. G. is on a mission to help consumers raise their credit scores.  In the latest edition of her book "Step-by-Step Credit Repair – Do It Yourself – 4th Edition," Dr. G. shares the "how to secrets" essential to become knowledgeable about your credit score enabling you to repair it and avoid predatory lenders.   


Dr. G is also the author of the best sellers "Step-by-Step Credit Repair – Do It Yourself – 4th Edition", "Man Survival Kit -Using World Systems through the Word of God" and "P3 – Plan, Prepare, Protect."  Her passion is empowering consumers by teaching them to plan for the best, prepare for the worst, protect personal assets, and create multiple streams of income. 


Formerly the TV talk show host "The Money Factor", she taught economics, business, and money management strategies to thousands of viewers weekly. Dr. G. lives a fulfilled life enjoying 30+ years of marriage to her wonderful husband Marty J. Griffin, the mother of two beautiful daughters, and being a GiGi to seven grandchildren.


Dr. G. is described as the innovative motivated Money Coach. If you want to learn business and financial strategies that are guaranteed to keep you ahead of the curve, proactively identifying and moving with the trends, if you are ready to identify and actively flow in multiple streams of income, if you want to host a training class in personal/business credit then Dr. G. is the Money Coach for you.  For more information visit, email, or call (800) 705-6840.  

My Books

Business Credit ABCs

Step-by-Step Credit Repair

P3 - Plan, Prepare, Protect

My Books

Maintaining business solvency can be easily achieved when a business owner maintains a good credit score and lines of credit that afford the necessary cash flow to maintain financial stability through the ebbs and flows of business is exactly what small business owners will learn in Business Credit ABCs.


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