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Business Credit ABCs

Business Credit ABCs is a small business owner's and/or entrepreneur's answer to understanding the necessary steps taken to create and build commercial credit.  In this book, readers will learn and understand business credit scoring systems, what supply stores to contact to build new business credit accounts.  Readers will also learn how to apply and qualify for commercial credit cards and small business loans.

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Step-by-Step Credit Repair - Do It Yourself

Step-by-Step Credit Repair - Do It Yourself 4th edition is a DIY educational read written to aid consumers in understanding credit laws and practices. The book provides new information with how to steps for student credit cards, child identity theft, student loan forgiveness and car-buying tips.  Readers will also learn how to dispute erroneous credit information, as well as consumers rights to credit.

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P3 - Plan, Prepare, Protect

P3 - Plan, Prepare, Protect, will educate readers in understanding the economic history of America's stock market, precious medals and biblical revelations of the end-times. Readers will learn how America's dollar was turned into fiat money, and definition of oil money.  Consumers will learn how gold and silver was once and will become again the monetary standard for economic systems globally.

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